Dr Robyn Clay-Williams


Dr Robyn Clay-Williams is a specialist in health systems research who leads a research stream at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation in the field of human factors and resilient healthcare.

Robyn’s expertise in human factors and resilience engineering, entails developing cross-industry theoretical frameworks to describe system level behaviour, and advancing new human factors contributions to safety in complex socio-technical systems.

Prior to her work in health services research, Robyn was a military test pilot, an electronics engineer, and flight instructor.  She transitioned to healthcare through a PhD, which in internationally recognised work, translated aviation teamwork concepts to healthcare via a randomised controlled trial evaluating a Crew Resource Management based training intervention.

Robyn has produced over 100 peer-reviewed research outputs in high impact journals and conferences, including the British Medical Journal, BMJ Quality and Safety, and Implementation Science, and has accrued over $1M in grant funding as a Chief Investigator over nine grants. She holds a NSW Health Early-Mid Career research fellowship in health service and system design, where she is investigating methods for improving productive safety in hospital emergency departments.

Specific areas of interest include teams and teamwork, decision-making, leadership, simulation, resilience engineering, and usability test and evaluation of medical devices and IT systems.